Best Instagram spots in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Best Instagram spots in Phoenix and Scottsdale


Here at Spirit of Arizona Tours, we understand half the fun of visiting new locations is taking fun pictures to share on social media. I’m sure that there are many lists suggesting great spots around the valley of the sun. Our list is a little different. We chose the best locations as it relates to Arizona history! We are very proud of Arizona’s history so we thought you might enjoy seeing some unique history related locations here in the valley. If you enjoy this list, contact us to arrange a custom tour to visit these locations!

Little Red Schoolhouse/Winfield Scott monument

The Little Red School was originally built in 1909 as the Scottsdale Grammar School. It is a homage to the wisdom and vision of the founder of the town, Winfield Scott. The school building remains in its original location in Old Town Scottsdale and was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. It was one of the first buildings in the historic city of Scottsdale.


Arizona State Capitol/Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza

A free museum housing wonderful Arizona history, this was the territorial and then eventual state capitol. A throwback to the old west days of Arizona. Make sure to include a visit to Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in your Arizona trip. You can do it in one day at the Arizona State Capitol.


Warehouse District in Phoenix

The rebirth of the community is creating exciting vitality and attracting a group of eclectic creative companies and event spaces that have become a community by restoring the area’s characteristics. From the Bentley Art Gallery to the Grant Street Studio at Arizona State University, a warehouse district is a place for visual art creation and planning.


Hotel San Carlos

This historical boutique hotel has been in operation since 1928 and has 128 individually decorated rooms. It is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It is a popular place for tourists who want to stay away from the inaccessible parts of the city and close to the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The San Carlos has a history of hosting members of the Golden Age of Hollywood, such as Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. There are even reports of ghostly events, including the apparition of a young woman who jumped off the roof in 1928 shortly after the hotel opened.


Mill Avenue bridge

The Tempe or Old Mill Avenue Bridge is one of the oldest car crossings on the Salt River in the Phoenix metropolis and has been in continuous use since its completion in 1931. It was the central transportation hub for three intercontinental highways of U.S. Route 80, 60, and 70. An

important example of Arizona’s exit from the old west into modern times.


Rosson House/Heritage square

Heritage Square is reminiscent of a Victorian past for the city. The square is located in the 14th block of the original site in Phoenix. Its history can be traced back to the 1800s. The restored Rosen House Museum is the diamond of Heritage square. There are even reports of the Rosson House being one of the most haunted houses in Phoenix. Whether you love history, technology, delicious food, or just a quiet place, you can enjoy visiting Heritage Square!


Harkins Theater Valley Art

Nowadays, Hudgens Theater is very common in the valley. But some people may not know that the popular theater chain started in Tempe, which later became the city center. The Valli Art Theater, formerly known as the University Theater, was not Dwight “Red” Harkins’ first career, but of course, it was his longest tenure.The building is particularly eye-catching due to its unique characteristics of the Great Depression era. It has an independent ticket booth along with a wooden framed movie poster cabinet.


Tovrea Castle

Tovrea Castle in the Carraro Heights is a historical icon. A gem in the Sonoran Desert glowing quietly every night as a beacon of hope in our uncertain life, making passers-by smile. She has more than 100 years of Arizona history. The past, present, and future stories she tells are refreshing, and her charm envelopes everyone who sees her.


Tomb of Governor Hunt

This white pyramid is located on the hills of Papago Park, overlooking Phoenix and The Phoenix Zoo. This mausoleum contains the remains of Governor Hunt and 6 of his family members. Governor George W.P. Hunt became governor of the state in 1912. Hunt has served as the governor of Arizona for seven consecutive terms.


The Orpheum theater

The Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the oldest and most precious theaters in the United States. It was built in the late 1920s and is the preferred venue for vaudeville performances. It also acts as a cinema, showing the earliest forms of film media. It uses Spanish medieval architectural design, combining the old world with the latest entertainment. One of the most architecturally unique locations in all of Arizona. This theater is also a stop on our Phoenix Murders and Mysteries True Crime ghost tour.

11 hours
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Historic Tombstone

Immerse yourself in Wild West History!
One of our favorite locations for old west history. Immerse yourself in wild west history on this tour. Come learn why Tombstone was nicknamed the town “too tough to die”. We will be exploring what life was like in an 1800’s boom town and of of course legendary sites such as the shooting at the OK corral, Boothill Cemetary, the Birdcage theater and saloon and more.

159 USD
4 hours
Group Size
2 to 14

Explore Phoenix

A complete tour consisting of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe highlights. Perfect for anyone looking to get familiar with the metro Phoenix area!
The absolute perfect experience for anyone looking to see what the Phoenix area has to offer. We’ll touch on the historic, the modern and give you some time to do some shopping and exploring on your own.

99 USD
3 hours
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2 to 14

Scottsdale Wine Tour

Enjoy a relaxing day as we tour Scottsdale and experience 3 different wineries. Wine and small bites included!
Each location, with it’s own feel and atmosphere, will be pouring wine made right here in the state of Arizona. Between stops, you’ll be hearing about significant locations and how Scottsdale came to be. More than just a tour, this is a guided experience for all to enjoy. Private tours available. Please contact for more details.

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no limit

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