Murders & Mysteries True Crime Ghost Tour in Phoenix



Are you ready to experience spine-tingling accounts of true crime at our city's most haunted locations? Using dark historical facts and urban legends, our murders and mysteries tour will take you on a journey to some of Phoenix's most chilling and unnerving sites, where you may experience supernatural sightings, psychic encounters, and unexplained moments. Every story, 100% true! Join us and see why Phoenix is one of the most haunted cities in the Southwest!

Tour info

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 14
Price starts at
64 USD
Meeting Point

721 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Phoenix AZ

Why take this tour?

Your experience will include a combination of:

  • Site of a Mafia-style assassination from the 1970s
  • Double homicide and dismemberment site from a jealousy murder circa 1930s
  • Murderer’s former residence
  • The original train station and history of events
  • Original county courthouse where famous murderers went to trial
  • Haunted Victorian-era mansion, site of multiple deaths
  • Haunted hotel and home to Phoenix’s most notorious ghost
  • A haunted theater home to multiple ghosts
  • The list goes on and on.

There is a long, violent, and tragic past to this city. We are the Old West after all. With so many tragic deaths, Phoenix has become a hot spot for paranormal activity.

Murders and Mysteries: A Phoenix Ghost Tour

While there are plenty of ghost tours in Phoenix, very few explore the dark side of the history of this vibrant city. On Spirit of Arizona Tours, you will hear about murders, ghosts, and scandals that rarely make it onto the History Channel or into textbooks.

Perfect for mystery lovers, crime aficionados, or anyone who loves a good ghost story.

You won't just hear about strange deaths or paranormal activity—you will get to personally explore the sites and experience what they have to offer. On our Phoenix Murders and Mysteries Ghost Tour, you will get up close and personal with a former murder scene, witness sites where psychics experienced spiritual contact from the other side, and enter locations where ghost hunting shows have filmed.

As one visitor said, “The Phoenix Ghost Tour. was an awesome combination of history, paranormal and comedy. I highly recommend it!” So, whether you want to learn about the notable past deaths in Phoenix or you're seeking a spooky adventure, our tours will deliver.

Not into the spookiness but love history? All our tours are packed with historical details—and don’t worry, they are updated regularly to include the most current information. And if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, request a custom tour and we will create a unique experience just for you and your group.

There must be something that really motivates ghosts to haunt Phoenix. Maybe it's the heat, or maybe they just really like the city. Either way, it's clear that these spirits are here to stay!

The Sonoran Desert has been a mysterious and mystical place for hundreds of years. The mysterious disappearance of the Hohokam people, who used to live here, has given rise to much speculation. The Hohokam were an ancient people who developed the first urban society in the Salt River area. They created an impressive irrigation system that is still used today. The Hohokam were a thriving and flourishing culture, until their sudden and mysterious disappearance in the 1400s.

When early European settlers arrived, the desert was a savage wilderness, drawing many dangerous and unsavory characters to the city in its early days. Locals drank heavily, played cards, and most of all walked the streets armed and ready to combat the outlaws and natives that loitered. Violence was common, political gang fights were common, and justice was swift and personal. Elections often ended with shootouts.

Any city with a history this drenched in blood is bound to be home to some paranormal activity. The ghosts of past tragedies and crimes still haunt the city streets, and you can feel their icy presence as you wander the darkened alleys. Book your tour today, and experience the supernatural side of Phoenix for yourself!

Not only will you get spooked out with a couple of terrifying tours, but you'll find out all about Arizona’s history and hear some intriguing ghost stories!

Phoenix is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway, and our tours and deals make it that much better. Read on for more information about our deals, and book your spot today!


  • a local historian as your guide

  • bus transportation


  • tips & gratuity

  • we recommend bringing a bottle of water or any snacks

Frequently asked questions

This is the perfect balance of both. The best, most authentic locations around Phoenix can only be reached by vehicle. Depending on the size of the group will determine which vehicle we will take. This tour covers a wide variety of locations. We will start out in the heart of downtown Phoenix and then make our way north to the Midtown district in downtown Phoenix. This tour is for the true crime history lover. You will visit many locations that are seldom visited by tourists and see historical photos from the 1930s to the present day and learn about the people, places, and events that shaped Phoenix. The itinerary above provides a high-level overview of the tour experience. The start and end times provide a general idea of when you will be in each location.
We will stop and get out at the majority of locations. You will get a chance to hear what happened, explore and take pictures. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to explore more of what Phoenix has to offer! As we drive by each location, we will tell you the story of what happened there. Many people like to just drive by and listen. However, we encourage active participation - Shout out your questions as we travel in style.
Our bus does not have restroom facilities onboard. We will have a restroom break. If you're traveling with young children or someone that needs frequent access to the restroom, please let our friendly staff know and we can accommodate extra time or more regular breaks. Your comfort is our priority.
Absolutely. From family reunions to school groups, we provide private tours customized to your needs. If you'd like to customize or book this tour, please contact us now.
The facility has plenty of space to store walkers, wheelchairs and other necessary equipment. However, we do not have a wheelchair lift on our bus.
We want to make history FUN and accessible to as many people as possible. We love large groups, please contact us directly so we can accommodate your group and provide the best possible experience on our Murders & Mysteries Ghost Tour in Phoenix.
Then come join us for our famous Haunted Phoenix Pub Crawl. A town doesn’t make it in the old west without a little bloodshed. So if you’re up for some fun – and a few scares – then sign up today!
Typically you will find tours range from $54 to $64. We deliver fantastic value for money on this 3-hour bus tour around the city. Not only can you reach locations not included on any other tour in Phoenix, but you also have more time in each location without having to constantly search for your guide in the crowd. You’ll have your own historian chauffeur making sure you get to each stop safely.
Absolutely, we'd love for you to hear from all our guests. Jump over to our Spirit of Arizona TripAdvisor page and Google Reviews, but remember to come back to this site to book - We're a small tour provider. If you book directly, we can keep 100% of your ticket cost to invest in our company and wonderful families.

Things to know

Please Note:

This is a vehicle lead tour. We will drive you to each stop. Tours run rain or shine. It is up to the discretion of your guide to alter routes and timing due to unforeseen circumstances or in the best interest of safety.

This tour meets in Downtown Phoenix off of 1st and Roosevelt streets....

This is a vehicle lead tour. We will drive you to each stop. Tours run rain or shine. It is up to the discretion of your guide to alter routes and timing due to unforeseen circumstances or in the best interest of safety.

This tour meets in Downtown Phoenix off of 1st and Roosevelt streets. Exact address will be provided in booking confirmation email.


All ages.

All ages.


$64 per person

If your party is larger than 14 please contact us. We can make arrangements.
Custom times available for large parties or private parties.

$64 per person

If your party is larger than 14 please contact us. We can make arrangements.
Custom times available for large parties or private parties.

Customer Reviews

google reviews

We took the murder and mystery tour. Excellent guide- spoiler alert… you have to wait until the end for the outcome, no matter how many times you ask 🤣 seriously though, we do a lot of tours all over the country and can say this was one of the top. Your guide truly does make the difference in your experience and Jarred makes the experience worth the price. Thank you from your favorite TN ladies. Despite their facial expresses because they are over pics- it kept these 12 yr old girls entertained. They have already asked to tour with Jarred again.

google reviews

We took the Murder and Mysteries tour and Jarrod was excellent! He was very personable and knowledgeable. We had so much fun and can’t wait to take the haunted pub crawl tour! Your TN crew😉

tripadvisor reviews

Jarrod was amazing! This guy is knowledgeable beyond belief. He took us to parts of Phoenix I had no idea existed. He was patient with my family and their, sometimes ridiculous, questions. He was exactly the tour guide I would have wanted if I could have picked one out. I will definitely recommend this to my true crime fan friends and will be back for another tour! If you love true crime, this is the tour for you! Thanks Jarrod!!

google reviews

We took the Phoenix murders and mysteries tour today and I cannot wait to book another tour. Jarrod is so knowledgeable about the history of this town I’ve lived in for over 30 years, was a great storyteller, and put up with my family and our billion questions. If you love true crime like I do, book this tour and do it ASAP. Thank you Jarrod for your expertise! Definitely five stars!!

google reviews

The Phoenix Ghost tour was an Amazing experience and learned so much about some murder/crime history in Phoenix! Brought our family and friends along with us and everyone enjoyed there experience. Jared was extremely kind and very informative on the murder/crime/ghost history of Phoenix! Will definitely do another tour with him and bring back our family & friends!!! Thank you for an awesome night!

google reviews

Jarrod is amazing!! We booked this tour because it's a bus tour so there's a chance to tour different neighbourhoods and places and have a break from the Arizona heat. The tour is amazing. Jarrod is personable, kind, funny and he drives well. His stories are interesting and the locations are fascinating and in some cases beautiful. We got to walk around and take pics at 5 stops and he has a good relationship with the owners/ managers and he maintains those so he can keep his tours going. Part historical part murder mystery part touristy visit its a blend of perfection all in one. You can tell Jarrod really enjoys what he does because he makes each story he tells come Alive. Highly highly recommend this tour and this company.. in fact were taking a tour with him tomorrow as we tour phoenix and Area.Support local small businesses that work hard and know how to do it right!!

google reviews

Amazing experience and a wonderful evening with plenty of stories. He clearly knows what he is talking about and loves doing it!! 10/10

google reviews

Do not go anywhere else for a tour in Arizona! Jarrod is a legit historian who has an obvious passion for what he does. We did the Phoenix Murders and Mysteries Tour, and this was absolutely worth the money. There was air conditioning, you do not have walk anywhere, Jarrod has lived here for decades and he knows the city incredibly well. This is not a regurgitated cheesy script from Google like other tour companies out there that make you walk with a lantern and who have no connection to the city’s history. Jarrod has connections with each of the locations which was so cool, & he was extremely considerate and kind and we were very entertained the entire time. We had friends visit from out of state and this was the perfect thing to do while they were here! He has multiple other tours that we cannot wait to book! We did this tour last night and we have not stopped talking about how awesome this was, it was just the best 😊

tripadvisor reviews

Jerod did a fantastic job taking our group to great locations with great history about these locations. Fun evening and I learned some things about Phoenix that I didn’t know, and it am a native.

google reviews

We had such a good time on this tour. Jared was extremely personable and knowledgeable on everything we went over. His lively story telling made the whole experience, it was like exploring Phoenix with a close friend. Highly recommend for anyone looking for something to do in Phoenix. Super informative and would gladly go on another tour with this group!

tripadvisor reviews

Did the Phoenix Murders and Mysteries Ghost Tour last night with Jarrod! My family and I had a great time learning about the mysteries in Phoenix that I didn’t even know happened. Jarrod is so full of information and could just sit there all night and pick his brain if there was enough time! I’m excited to read up on the murders and mysteries we discussed to learn more and am going to look into booking another tour! Jarrod was very personable, had a lot of knowledge, and you could tell he was passionate about history! Highly recommend as it helps give you a personal insight to some secrets of Phoenix!

google reviews

Fantastic tour! Jarrod was super informative, lots of stories, and entertaininng as well. Highly recomend his tours. We look forward to taking another one hopefully to Tombstone in the near future. Skeptical? I know he has a lot of 4-5 star reviews, but they are truly accurate.

tripadvisor reviews

I cannot stop telling people about this tour! My 14 yr old daughter wanted to go on a ghost tour of sorts for her birthday and since the girls in our family were traveling from out of state for the occasion and we are all true crime/ghost story fans as well, we were all in when we found this tour. And Jarred, our tour guide, did not disappoint! Besides being on time, down-to-earth and super helpful when I emailed a couple of questions before booking, he has a wealth of knowledge about the locations he takes you to and you can tell that he is truly passionate about the history of Phoenix. This wasn’t just some cookie cutter, scripted tour. It was like we were hanging with a friend being shown around the city, talking about the dark history of each location. Only thing I would’ve changed is I wanted it to be longer, ha! The 3 hours flew by! I guess that’s what happens when everyone is enjoying the tour though. Definitely looking forward to attending another one in the near future. If you are on the fence about doing this one - just do it. You won’t be disappointed.

google reviews

This was the best ghost tour in Phoenix I have ever been on. Jared, the tour guide, not only shows you different haunted locations, he knows the history behind it and is passionate about it. If you love history, this tour is for you. If you love murder mysteries, this tour is for you. I can't wait to do another tour!! The BEST ghost tour in AZ - will not disappoint!

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