The Ghostly Getaway: A Corporate Traveler's Guide to Phoenix Shadows

Welcome to Phoenix: Where Business Meets the Supernatural

As you prepare for your upcoming conference in Phoenix, seize the opportunity to explore the vibrant city beyond the boardroom. Phoenix Shadows: The Boo Trail offers a unique blend of haunted history and entertainment that complements your corporate stay. Here’s your guide to maximizing your time in Phoenix, complete with food recommendations, nearby parks, must-see sights, and the intriguing Phoenix Shadows tour.


Fuel for the Day: Culinary Delights Near the Convention Center

**1. Pizzeria Bianco: Located just a short distance from the Phoenix Convention Center, Pizzeria Bianco serves some of the best wood-fired pizzas in the city. Indulge in artisanal creations before or after your conference sessions.

**2. Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour: For a sophisticated post-conference experience, head to Bitter & Twisted. This downtown gem offers a diverse menu of expertly crafted cocktails and a curated selection of globally-inspired dishes.

**3. The Arrogant Butcher: Situated in CityScape, The Arrogant Butcher combines a modern aesthetic with classic steakhouse fare. It’s an ideal spot for a business lunch or a hearty dinner after a day of conferences.


Unwind in Nature: Parks and Sights

**1. Heritage Square: Take a stroll through Heritage Square, an oasis in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Admire the historic Rosson House Museum, and enjoy the tranquility of this charming urban park.

**2. Phoenix Art Museum: Immerse yourself in culture at the Phoenix Art Museum, located near the Convention Center. Explore diverse exhibitions and collections spanning from classic to contemporary art.

**3. Margaret T. Hance Park: If you’re seeking outdoor respite, visit Hance Park. This centrally located park offers green spaces, walking paths, and stunning views of the cityscape.


The Supernatural Experience: Phoenix Shadows – The Boo Trail

Discover Phoenix’s Haunted History: Enhance your visit with a thrilling one-hour tour, Phoenix Shadows: The Boo Trail. Delve into the city’s haunted past, from historic neighborhoods to downtown streets, all in the comfort of a 14-seat bus.


  • Arizona State Capitol: Uncover the history of Arizona’s governance and progress.
  • Historic Neighborhoods: Explore the diverse architecture and unique character of Phoenix.
  • Downtown Excitement: Experience the bustling energy and cultural richness of downtown Phoenix.
  • Scenic Mountain Views: Catch glimpses of picturesque mountain vistas surrounding the city.

Why Choose Phoenix Shadows?

  • Time-Efficient: In just one hour, witness more than traditional walking tours.
  • Convenience: Comfortable bus transportation ensures a relaxed exploration.
  • Immersive Commentary: Engage with knowledgeable guides sharing fascinating anecdotes.

Combine Experiences for a Deeper Dive: For an even more immersive experience, consider combining Phoenix Shadows with the Whistle Stop Tour of Phoenix. This dual-tour option provides a comprehensive glimpse into the city’s charms. Contact us directly to inquire about combining these tours and receive a special discount.


Unforgettable Stories to Take Home

As a corporate traveler, your time in Phoenix extends beyond conference walls. Embrace the opportunity to explore, unwind, and discover the supernatural side of the city. From culinary delights to scenic parks and the haunted tales of Phoenix Shadows, this guide ensures a memorable and enriching experience during your stay.


Make the most of your visit by booking your Phoenix Shadows tour today. Contact us directly for inquiries and to secure your seat on this captivating journey into Phoenix’s haunted history.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 14

Haunted Phoenix Pub Crawl True Crime Ghost tour

Grab a drink and saddle up for a pub crawl through the haunted streets of historical Phoenix!

From out meeting point, sit back and relax as your local guide drives you to 3 of the most haunted pubs in the valley of the sun. Each stop will include a pub tour, where you will learn the dark and mysterious history unique to each location. Learn the names of the local spirits and true accounts of their activity. While the drinks at each pub are an additional charge, paranormal experiences are free!

*Free pick up and drop off for guests staying at any Downtown Phoenix hotels*

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1 hour
Group Size
Up to 14

Phoenix Shadows The Phoenix Boo Trail - A Haunted express tour

The Phoenix Boo Trail Tour: Uncover Phoenix's Dark Mysteries in Just One Hour

Unveil the hidden secrets and eerie tales of Phoenix on the Boo Trail Express Tour—an immersive hour-long adventure designed for those with a thirst for the unknown. Delve into the city's enigmatic history, explore haunted locations, and discover the chilling stories that have lingered through time. Buckle up and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the shadows of Phoenix's past and present.

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3 hours
Group Size
Up to 14

Murders & Mysteries True Crime Ghost Tour in Phoenix

Are you ready to experience spine-tingling accounts of true crime at the most haunted locations in Phoenix? Using dark historical facts and urban legends, our Murders & Mysteries tour will take you on a journey to some of Phoenix's most chilling and unnerving sites, where you may experience supernatural sightings, psychic encounters, and unexplained moments. Every story is 100% true! Join us and see why Phoenix is one of the most haunted cities in the Southwest!

*Free pick up and drop off for guests staying at any Downtown Phoenix hotels*

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